Sadr condemns Rumsfeld, turn against his Sunni allies and threaten to kill Shiite women in the UIA

It’s unbelievable how a scum and an idiot like Sadr can destroy the hopes and dreams not only of Millions of Iraqis but also the whole region, the US and the world in building a peaceful democratic nation in this disturbed region.

Everything seemed to be working in favor of this project when the Americans came. The terrorist were a serious threat in the beginning but not now. In my opinion it’s become a myth used by the Iraqi government at times to control the lives and freedom of Iraqis and and to serve mere partisan and individual interests. Terrorism is a danger and it’s a reality but the cure has proved to be a 100 times worse than the disease. Terrorists can kill people and destroy properties often in Iraq and occasionally in Europe and the US but the support they’re getting is becoming less and less everyday, and killing innocents and destroying properties cannot destroy a civilization or threatens democracy and that’s evident in Iraq more than elsewhere. Iraq was moving forward with the democratic process until Ja’faris government came and abused the authority it was given to increase the strength and control of major She’at parties. What do terrorists want? They don’t want to win. They only want to destroy the western world and any country that adapts its form of living and then they want to go to their alleged paradise. By turning our countries into police states we’re achieving most of their goals for them.

Anti-terror efforts and powers that present themselves as protectors of the people from terrorism are the real threat now and not terrorists, at least that’s the case in Iraq.

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