What if the Muslims win their Global Jihad?

Before we get down to this subject let us make it clear that we are opposed to all forms of fanaticism – religious or otherwise. While all fanaticism is negative; fanaticism that is based on religion is the most virulent and among the fanatics of various religions, the Muslims are the most violent and cruel.

The impelling reason to focus on Muslims is that they are psychologically the most organized worldwide into one community ‘Ummah’. Again it is they who are day-by-day becoming a threat to world peace. Hence we look at the scenario in the event of the remote possibility of an Islamic victory over the rest of the world in an unfortunate but probable Third World War.

In this scenario people all across the world would be given a choice of submitting to Islam or be treated as second class citizens (by wearing a badge to identify themselves as non-Muslims as is being done today in that “ideal” Islamic society of Taliban ruled Afghanistan). In addition they would have to pay the penal tax (Jaziya) to the Muslim rulers. The honour of their womenfolk would always be in danger of being violated by the Mujahideen and Ghazis (Islamic warriors). The lives of non-Muslims would always be in peril and at the mercy of the whims of the Muslim rulers, who would have a perpetual and perennial hatred of the non-Muslims.

In addition to this day-to-day real-life scenario, in the regular cases of the waves of more acute fanaticism that would sweep the world ruled only by Muslims; the non-Muslims would be given the choice of embracing Islam or be killed by the more zealous among the fanatical Muslim rulers of the globe. This possibility is based on the experiences today in different parts of the globe under Muslim rule and also from other parts of the globe that came under the intermittent sway of the Islamic armies in the 14 centuries since the year 632 C.E., like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, et al.

On the contrary if, during the Islamic rule all across the globe, we gave up our religions (or lack of religion) and embraced Islam, the scenario would be like this:

1) Our role-models would be cruel war-mongers who would keep having bloody fights with each other even after the entire world population is converted to Islam.

This is based on the observed fact today that a majority of the Muslims (who take to the streets) across many countries, lionize and idolize extremists and war-mongers like Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Zawahiri, Samir Kuntar, Zarqawi, et al, but not progressive and constructive reformers like Ataturk or the former King Amanullah of Afghanistan.

2)We would be living in theocratic dictatorship all across the world. There would be no democracy, no elections and no public accountability for any act. The only arbiter would be the Quranic prescriptions for all times in the future.

This is so since today most of the Muslim majority countries cannot sustain democracies. Except Turkey, and Egypt, no Muslim majority country has a sustained democratic tradition. But most Muslim populations look up upon Islamic dictatorships or monarchies.

The list of such theocratic dictatorships would include Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan (despotic monarchies), Syria, Iraq, Chad, (dictatorships) Iran (nominal democracy under strain from clerics), Kuwait (nominal democracy under emirate), UAE, North Yemen (and occupied South Yemen which had a sort of democratic set up earlier), Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria (Military rule of secularized military), Malaysia (civilian dictatorship of Mahathir Mohammed), Indonesia (fledgling democracy), Pakistan, Bangladesh (spells of democratic rule and military dictatorships), Central African Republic (kingdom of former “Emperor”; Bokassa), Uganda (a Christian majority country that had a taste of Islamic dictatorship under Idi Amin), Afghanistan (theocratic dictatorship of the Taliban), etc.

3) There would be ill-treatment of women, Women would not be allowed to have an education, pursue any career. Men would be forced to wear turbans and grow beards.

This possibility is based on the observation today that a majority of the Muslim countries do not give equal rights to women like education, free-movement, driving, apparel, and even participation in mass-prayers in the mosques alongside their menfolk, (no doubt the scripture will be quoted to explain this, but this is the reality). The hijab, Chador or burqua (veil and full length gown) for women is still a common feature in Islamic societies.

In the ideal Islamic society of Talibanized Afghnaistan adult men are forced to grow a beard and wear the prescribed Islamic dress, they cannot sport normal (Western) hairstyles and even students above the age of three are forced to wear turbans.

4) We would have to send our kids to get the highly jaundiced and narrow scrap of education in religious schools that would teach only the Quran.

This is based on the observation today that a majority of the devout Muslims in the Islamic world prefer talim (religious education) in Madrasas (Muslim theological schools) as against professional education.

5) There would be no respect for human rights and no freedom of thought and expression. Anyone speaking out against Islam or the Quran or the Prophet would be punished with death. Flogging and stoning to death, cutting off of the limbs would be the prescribed punishments for common crimes like stealing.

This is based on the observation today that some leading and vocal Muslim organisations and some governments in power, practice the politics of fatwah (Muslim religious decree) of death towards those who express themselves against Islam. A Muslim who publicly declares that he is no longer a Muslim is considered a Murtad and he is punishable by death (although there are various interpretations of the Koran on this)

6) There would be no public media like the TV, Cable or Internet. Since these would be looked upon as the Satan’s tools in corrupting humankind with information and entertainment.

This is based on the observation today when many Muslim sects frown upon mass communication media like the Television. In some instances, TV sets are dumped as an act of piety.

7) The Dictatorial Rulers all over the world would be Muslim Clergymen

This is based on the observation that most Muslims oppose the separation of the State and Clergy. Temporal power is vested in the clergy in most countries in Dar-Ool-Islam or the Islamic world.

8) All aspects of life would be regimented with what is stated in the Quran. There would be no evolution of new laws and in fact no new thoughts

This is based on the observation today where a majority of the Muslim countries prefer some variant of the Sharia i.e. Muslim laws based on the Quran, as against modern civil laws. The Sharia laws include stoning to death, cutting of limbs, castration, etc.

9) Even if you were a Muslim and belonged to a minority sect like the Shias or Ahmediyas, you would be considered to be an infidel or heretic and be subject to harassment.

This is based on the observation today where a majority of the Sunnis (a majority sect among the Muslims) look upon the Shias as heretics. So also are the other smaller Islamic sects.

10)There would be no scope at all for having any opinion, idea, innovation outside the Quran-al-sharif or anything that is considered non-islamic. This would in fact freeze all progress.

This is based on the observation today where most Muslims look upon anything non-islamic as Kufr and Jahiliyat (infidel, ignorance) and also the entire non-islamic world as Dar-ul-Harb (literally ‘Hostile zone’) or the Infidel world. And anything that even a Muslim chooses to do, which is frowned upon by the clergy, is considered as Haram (illegitimate).

11) There would be a complete ban on dance, music and entertainment.

This is based on the observation today where most devout Muslims spend all their spare time in reading the verses of the Quran and in Namaaz (mass invocation of Allah). Their minds are closed to anything outside the Quran. They live an insular life and shun socializing with non-Muslims. The Taliban rule in Afghanistan epitomizes what an “ideal” Islamic society the World over would look like.

12) Aggressive, quarrelsome attitudes would be a common feature of human behavior and social relations would be perpetually violent whether at the family level, local area level, province level, national level or global level. The crime rate would be high. The all Muslim world society would be perpetually at war with itself.

This is based on the observation today where most of the criminals (in non-Muslim countries) are Muslims. Muslims are also dominant in global terrorism. Even at the national level they (Iraq, Libya, etc) specialize in the making of chemical weapons of mass destruction. Soon the nuclear capability that is today limited to Pakistan will proliferate to the Arab and rest of the Muslim world and we shall soon see a mushrooming of small rogue states armed with nuclear capable missiles that would bedevil the rest of the non-Islamic world.

Even as organisations Islamic gangs would terrorize the world. Examples of such gangs are the Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood , Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Harkat-ul-Mujahedeen, Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen, Jaish-e-Mohammedi, Abu Sayyaf, etc

Thus a victory for the Muslims over the rest would spell doomsday for humankind, it would mean the end of all technological progress. In fact, for the thinking species of Human beings, an Islamic victory would mean the end of meaningful human existence. A scenario, where we would still have our capability to think, to innovate and to progress; but we would not be allowed to use any of our human faculties. This would be even worse than the scenario had the Nazis won the 2nd World War.

This is the logical scenario in case of a victory for the Islamic Jehad over all non-Islamic people across the globe. In this scenario, the ultimate saviour of humanity would have to come forth from within Islam itself. A saviour who would repudiate Islam and re-establish a civilized human way of life.

But till then it would be a frightful existence under the twilight of Islam, with no hope for the future. It is for these reasons among others, why the rest of the world (including some modernized Muslims) look askance at the growing clout of the Muslim clergy over the Ummah i.e. the general Muslim populace. And the resultant growing disturbances that Muslims cause in areas where they live alongside non-Muslims – like Chechnya, Macedonia, Egypt (Coptic Christians), Southern Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Southern Philippines (Mindanao), Indonesia (Malaku), Kashmir (India), Israel, etc.

In fact even many modernized (non-Islamized) Muslims are scared to death to speak their mind about Islamic orthodoxy, even after having lived in the West for more than one generation.

But some time or the other one has to address these issues in the context of freedom of thought and action for a future liberal democratic society the world over; and in the larger context of saving human civilization from the mortal danger it faces today from the growing strength of Islamic Terrorism of JIHAD.

The cardinal fact is that across the fourteen centuries of Islam’s existence, it has been its death threat that converted people to Islam and it was the same death threat that kept them Muslim. The same death threats are used today to intimate Ayan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and many others like them to keep them from speaking the truth about Islam.