Immigrazione e Svezia 2

Nel dicembre dello scorso anno, durante le feste natalizie (tipicamente Cristiane), i musulmani hanno organizzato una rivolta in una città che si chiama “giardino delle rose” (sic!)

Questi sono gli avvenimenti

In seguito all’intervento della polizia si è ristabilito l’ordine. Ma cosa succede? I poliziotti sono stati denunciati per razzismo.

Leggete l’estratto dal giornale :

In inglese
The police in Malmo, a southern town in Sweden with a lot of immigrants are accused for being racist after video filmed by the police, under muslim riots in december, was played up in court as evidence against a man prosecuted for taking part in the riots. On the video you can hear some police officers use “racial slurs” and this dropped like a bomb in the media.

In the beginning of the video you can hear a police say “Damn ragheads”.

And in the end : “That little monkey bastard. Should I make him steril when I get him?”
“Yes, he should have so much beating that he can’t stand up.”

Later on a police says.

“I agree with that man on ICA Supermarket in Vellinge; You have come to the wrong town, ragheads.”

The chief prosecutor in Malmo started an investigation to see if the police officers had committed any crime but closed the investigation the same day with the conclusion that no crime had been committed. This leaved the media and politicians outrageous.Then a new bomb dropped. It came to the medias attention that the police had used names like “Oskar Neger” and “Neger Niggersson” in a exercise for 50 police officers. “Neger” is the Swedish version of “Nigger”.
After that did the top police commissioner of Sweden start an investigation to find out if there’s a widespread racism in the Skane County police.

In Italiano
La polizia a Malmö, una cittadina nel sud della Svezia con un sacco di immigrati è accusata di essere razzista, dopo che il video girato dalla polizia, girato durante gli scontri con i mussulmani nel mese di dicembre, è stato mostrato in tribunale come prova nei confronti di un uomo processato per aver partecipato a disordini . Nel video è possibile ascoltare alcuni agenti di polizia che usano le parole uso “razzaccia” (non sapevo come tradurlo). Se sui media fosse piombata un’atomica non avrebbe fatto lo stesso effetto!
All’inizio del video potete ascoltare un poliziotto che dice: “Dannati ragheads” (non so come tradurlo).

E alla fine “Questa scimmia bastarda. Se lo becco lo rendo sterile?”
“Sì, dovrebbe prendere tante di quelle botte da non avere la forza di tenersi in piedi”.

Più tardi la polizia dice.
“Sono d’accordo con l’uomo del Supermercato ICA in Vellinge; Siete venuti nella città sbagliata, ragheads”.

Il procuratore capo di Malmo avviato un’inchiesta per vedere se funzionari di polizia avevano commesso crimini. L’inchiesta è stata chiusa lo stesso giorno con la conclusione che non era stato commesso nessun reato. La decisione è stata presa dai media e dai politici come un’oltraggio.
Successivamente arrivò un’altra bomba. All’attenzione dei media è arrivata l’espressione che la polizia ha usato nomi come “Oskar Neger” e “Neger Niggersson” in un esercizio per 50 funzionari di polizia. “Neger” è la versione svedese di “Nigger”.
Dopo di che l’organo disciplinare della polizia svedese ha avviato un’indagine per scoprire se c’è un diffuso razzismo tra i poliziotti nella contea di Scania.

Naturalmente in Svezia non poteva mancare il lancio di scarpe e “libri” da parte di due attivisti di sinistra (autoctoni), all’ambasciatore Israeliano.

Immigrants to Sweden Assault Local Fire and Rescue Vehicles…

Fire and rescue services came under attack from stone-throwing youths in Tensta in north west Stockholm on Monday evening.
A number of police units were sent to the scene where a gang of youngsters had set fire to car tyres, rubbish bins and a skip, a swell as attempting to set fire to a car, Dagens Nyheter reports.
Rescue workers were subjected to heavy stone-throwing and quickly moved out of the area after they managed to put out the fires. There were no reports of any injuries.
Police said they did not know what had caused the disturbance and said there was no apparent connection to last weeks riots in Malmö. By midnight the situation was under control but police remained in place.
“We’ll be here as long as we’re needed,” police spokesman Björn Engström told Dagens Nyheter.
Yes you will remain there as long as needed but you won’t lift a finger to smash these so-called “youngsters” and remove the threat from the streets in any way. Here we go again, these Swedish “youngsters” are truly a nasty little breed aren’t they? It seems like I have heard every spin in the book when it comes to these people. The fact that these people bear no goodwill to the state, which gives them everything they couldnt possibly deserve, is one that the Marxist government is completely unable to own up to. It is epedemic, this whoring for votes around leftland. The sedition involved is what makes the need for action amongst the native population so vital. These people don’t care how much damage they inflict in order to stay in power and they don’t care who they let in as long as they tow the party line. I believe we need to be perfectly clear about this; The “youngster” are either muslims or Antifa anarchists, or both. Apparently, welfare and every other conceivable benefit is not enough; they want to eradicate soiciety completely and will be appeased by nothing.

Dead pigs at Mosque Construction site (questa è una grandissima idea non violenta per impedire la costruzione)

dead pig to dissacre the ground where have to be built a mosque
Maiali morti per inpedire la costruzione di una moschea

2 times this year pigheads have come for a visit to the planed construction site of a Mosque on Ramberget in the town Gothenburg Sweden. The construction of the Mosque is financied by the state of Saudi-Arabia.

Guardate come i media mentono sul baby boom (dopo il messaggio in svedese, alla fine del pezzo)

Mostrano mamme bionde, bimbi biondi, tutti bianchi tipicamente svedesi. naturalmente si rivolgono agli idioti perchè tutti sanno e basta guardarsi intorno che la natalità degli autoctoni è di 1,4 nati per coppia. Ma a sinistra basta che raccontano bugie e poi sono tutti contenti!
Media bluffar om “svensk” babyboom
This video is about how media lies about a “baby boom” in Sweden. The Swedes will be a minority in their own country with about 3-4 decades. The reason is mass immigration, high birthrates among (mainly non-european) immigrants and a very low Swedish birthrate (about 1,4).

Pubblicità di una nota industria svedese (attenzione ai riferimenti all’islam)

Swedish left party politician Lars Ohly doesnt like to be called a communist (neanche ai comunisti italiani piace essere chiamati comunisti)

(Sweden) muslim schools contact Saudi for “jihad” funding… (come le scuole a milano ed altre città italiane …)

The Swedish Radio programme ‘Kaliber’ reported on Sunday that “almost all” Islamic schools and congregations in Sweden have contacted potential sponsors in Saudi Arabia. Many of these Saudi foundations ask for influence in return. However, an expert thinks the chances are slight that violent organisations will gain a foothold in Sweden’s muslim communities.
Swedish court to rule on school lun fingerprinting (20 Oct 08)
Teachers report sexism common in Swedish schools (25 Sep 08)
Parents to get truancy reports via text message (23 Sep 08)
Islamic organisations have received help from the Saudi embassy in Stockholm to find potential donors. Many community groups can only afford simple basement premises. But with Saudi money, they can build mosques.
‘Kaliber’ featured the Al Salam school in Örebro, which takes children from nursery age to Year 5 and receives between 150 and 200,000 crowns a month from an Islamic foundation.
In return for their money, sponsors often demand a seat on the board or the right to appoint imams or school leaders. Saudi Arabia practices the strict Wahhabi and Salafi traditions. Women are required to be completely covered and are not allowed to socialise with men outside the family. Men must have long beards and dress in the style of the prophet Muhammed. Music and art are banned.
It’s not clear how many schools or other organisations have accepted sponsorship or acceded to demands of influence. But four of Sweden’s eleven islamic schools have said that they wouldn’t accept donations if demands were attached. Two headmasters have said they wouldn’t accept gifts from Saudi sources because the country was associated with terrorism.
Now the government have taken an interest in the issue. Schools minister, Ibrahim Baylan, was concerned that teaching could be affected:
“Our legislation is very clear. In order to qualify for state support, a school’s syllabus should be objective and comprehensive. Schools shouldn’t alter their teaching in return for money. It’s Skolverket’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen and I’ll check to see if they’ve received any reports on this issue.”
Children and young people’s minister, Lena Hallengren, also expressed concern. She said that it was primarily the responsibility of the Muslim communities to consider the implications of accepting sponsorship.
“It’s a serious matter if these Saudi sponsors are making demands which don’t match the community’s beliefs,” she said. “The government provides a total of 50m crowns in funding to faith organisations and we’ll never be able to compete with Saudi billions,” she continued.
But Jan Hjärpe, professor in Islamic studies, thinks any fears that fundamentalist or terrorist organisations will infiltrate Sweden’s muslim communities are exaggerated. And he doesn’t think muslim parents would allow such a development in their children’s schools
“Saudi Arabia is very anxious that extreme, violent groups are not allowed to spread. Obviously they don’t stand for the most liberal form of Islam either, but parents are more interested in the children getting a career.”
Mehmed Kaplan of Sweden’s Young Muslims feels the Swedish government could help the financial difficulties of many community groups by being more creative with their funding:
“I think it’s up to the government to come up with a constructive solution, for example by providing some form of state credit.”

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  1. Questi sono veramente alla frutta…io ho letto una notizia che sembra provenire da Marte.
    Leggi un po’: A Raskravaller in Svezia, un paesino hanno accolto 46 RIFUGIATI dall’Iraq, uno di questi per tutto ringraziamento ha violentato e sodomizzato una ragazzina svedese. La polizia non è intervenuta per paura di essere tacciata di razzismo. Così i paesani sono intevenuti loro, per consegnare il porco sodomizzatore alla giustizia.
    Apriti cielo i media li hanno massacrati….
    Non i sono parole.
    Ciao mary

  2. The demand for state funded Muslim school is in accordance with the law of the land. Muslim community is not asking for any favour. There are only ten state funded Muslim schools and the British Establishment are ready to fund all Muslim schools. Only less than five percent of Muslim children attend Muslim schools and at the same time, there are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools.

    Bilingual Muslim children need bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. At higher levels, there is no need for a Muslim teacher.

    The medium of instruction in a Muslim school is English and all of them follow the National curriculum. Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in Arabic language for their spiritual and religious development. Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

    Bilingual Muslim children in British schooling has led to a predictable response from the tabloids, which present these children as a problem for “others” children and teachers.This is both racist and wrong. British society must recognise that over 50% of the world now routinely use more than one language in their daily lives and some 85% are able to function at least two. In a global economy these “problem” children are infact, the norm, and in a global sense they are potentially an asset, not a drain. British society should be thankful that the highest achieving students are bilinguals.
    Iftikhar Ahmad

    • Iftikhar Ahmad, I have nothing against you. I do not know you but you come here and talk about the British when the post is on Sweden.

      I try to make you understand how I think and how they think millions of people around the world
      “Bilingual Muslim children need bilingual Muslim teachers”
      This is pure racism. Why muslims theachers? European teachers are not capable as those Muslims? Schools of the state where you live are not as good as those financed by Saudi Arabia?
      You don’t observed the habits of where you live and want to change laws at will. You should think about this : Europeans are tolerant and no immigrant asks as much as you.

      I know families where the father has a nationality, the mother another and they live in a third country. The children speak 3 languages. That of father, that of the mother and that one of the nation where they live. No special theachers, no special school, just like all the other kids.

      You all want respect? Learn how to be respectful of the others and you’ll live in peace and happy.

  3. Caspita, avevo inviato un messaggio per dirti che ti avevo linkato e non è stato pubblicato. Comunque, in effetti gli stranieri pretendono un pò troppo da noi europei. Il problema è che più chiedono e più gli viene dato. A volte gli viene regalato anche se non chiedono. Parlano solo di diritti e si trincerano dietro una unica parola: razzismo.

    Visto che sta succedendo nelle bainleu francesi? Siamo punto e accapo. Ogni pretesto è buono per mettere a ferro e fuoco interi paesi.

    Civiltà, altro che civiltà. Dove sono arrivati i musulmani è tornato il medioevo… e anche di più.

  4. Elly 🙂
    Che bella foto! ^^

    Si, visto. Ma stanno tirando troppo la corda e presto se ne accorgeranno. Loro ed i loro amici di sinistra.
    La gente, il popolo non ne può più e quando è così sappiamo come finirà.

    La rivoluzione Francese non ha insegnato nulla …

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