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Daryl Jones
Daryl Jones

Daryl Jones is an australian volunteer aid worker duped by Palestinian propaganda to come to their aid, but later realized that they were engaged in a bloodlust game to destroy the lives of children.

She recounts how Palestinians displayed photos of bodies, “gouged and pitted, torn.
 : We were told this is from torture from the Israelis.”

Later, when she saw a Palestinian child blow up in front of her face, she realized that the ripped apart bodies were the result of human booby traps that the Palestinians used against the Israelis.

The Jihad cult of death and martyrdom is so sad – for the lives of all the children it is killing.

Whether the criminals are Hamas, Hizbollah or Al Qeida – the children victims are all human.

She was featured in “The Road to Jenin” film by French director Pierre Rehov

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