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Arabs only pay 1,5 per cent of the bill to run “Palestine”

Al Jazeera English report on the “Gaza food shortage”

Gaza has been under Israeli blockade since Hamas took control of the Strip in 2007.

The siege has forced Gazans to rely on supplies smuggled through tunnels that go underneath the territory’s border with Egypt.

On Thursday, the Israeli government announced its decision to let in some items, but Hamas dismissed it as “just propaganda”.

Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston’s reports from Gaza.

The document below is a detailed breakdown of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip for June 6th-12th. The statistics include the amount of trucks and tons of aid imported this past week, as well as what goods were imported into the Strip.

As shown below: 578 trucks of humanitarian aid and 1,215,037 liters of diesel fuel were imported into Gaza this week.

Gaza Strip Merchandise and Humanitarian Aid June 6th – 12th, 2010

23.279 tons of aid from Israel to Gaza in one week

1.166 trucks on its way from Israel to Gaza.

Trucks carrying goods to Gaza
Trucks carrying goods to Gaza

Transfer of Gaza Strip Merchandise and Humanitarian Aid For the Week of August 1st-5th, 9 Aug. 2010.

The document below is an account of the amount of humanitarian merchandise and goods transferred to the Gaza Strip by COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories), as well as the number of people entering and exiting the Strip for the previous week (August 1st-5th).

Among other figures, please note that in the previous week 1,166 truckloads carrying 23,279 tons of humanitarian aid (including food, goods, and fuel) were transferred into the Gaza Strip, and 324 patients and accompanying individuals left the Strip for medical purposes inside Israel. .

Source: Israeli army (IDF)

Al-Jazeera report Gaza food shortage