Fiorisce in Europa il primo partito Islamico

Ci siamo! Ormai l’Eurabia è ben definita :

Naturalmente il partito non poteva altro che chiamarsi "Democratico" ne più ne meno come tanti altri partiti "Democratici" e paesi "Democratici" tutti di chiaro stampo sinistro ^^

Se qualcuno acora avesse dei dubbi, adesso avete gli elementi per cominciare a ragionare

… A new party that are calling themselves the "islam democrats" have sprung up in Denmark, hoping to get some of the voter juice from the 300.000 muslims living in Denmark (article in danish).

They think that islam is the route to a healthy society, and want it taught in school for a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Their political program states (translated):

We in the Islam Democrats support Sharia, but we think that all legal practice should be based on democratic values, meaning majority rule in the parliament.

Ah yes, examples of all those happy sharia-powered states like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya come flooding to my mind. Oh, if only we could be more like them – there’s so such a wait between good stonings in Denmark these days. Oh but wait, we would need a democratic majority for it. Darn…

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